Celebrity Moms Love

The celebrity momterviews here at This Mom Loves are far and away the most viewed posts, and over the years I've had the opportunity to interview a wide range of stars from television, film, music and books. As a Canadian writer, however, it's been tough to make contact with some of the bigger celebrities out there. (Even with detective-worthy Googling of contact information, their publicists make great gatekeepers!)

As I looked at the calendar and realized that This Mom Loves will be celebrating its seventh anniversary this month, my first thought was "Lucky number 7!" My next thought was the popular quote: "The harder I work, the luckier I get." (Experts can't seem to agree on who originally said it.)

In that vein, I'm going out on a limb and reaching out to some of my favourite celebrities directly on social media to see if I can get them to answer my trademark question: How would you complete the sentence "This mom loves..."?

It's a great chance for star moms to sneak in a little plug for a brand they work with, but also to have some fun (or get serious) naming some of their favourite destinations, hobbies, foods, beauty products and more.

Plus, I'm making sure to contact women whom I have heard are generous, with the hope that they will take five minutes of their time to support another businesswoman! (If they can't fit their favourite things in a tweet, they can also have someone on their team forward me their response at katewinn77 at yahoo dot ca.) You never know, maybe some will even let me know that they're open to an interview - I love promoting movies, shows, albums, books and charitable causes!

Once the replies start pouring in (positive thinking, right?), I'll include them all below this post and share regularly with my readers.

Thanks to everyone for seven years of support for This Mom Loves!