The Very First Post

Welcome: My Very First Post 

January, 2010 

And one more blog hits the net! 

Welcome to This Mom Loves, a blog which is designed to share and celebrate the positive in life. Notice I said "designed to"...that's no guarantee that I won't venture into "This Mom Vents" (or worse) territory, but the goal is to highlight people, places and products that are worth writing and reading about.

Why a blog? Why, to make the world a better place, of course. The truth? Julie and Julia. I've always loved writing, and in fact I freelance for family and parenting magazines, but it's much different to be able to put fingers to keys and share my own thoughts and feelings. I was looking for an outlet, and the movie based on Julie Powell and Julia Child was my sign that a blog was the way to go. It's a little more motivational to write with the hope that there is an audience out there than it is to scribble in a lined notebook. (Please note: despite the Julie and Julie reference, there will be little talk of cooking. The title of the blog is not "This Mom Abhors".)

This Mom Loves will explore issues other than parenting, but quite honestly, having children changed my identity (for the better...I think) more than any other life change. My marriage and friendships have been transformed, teaching has changed for me (in philosophy and practice) and the way I spend my money and time is also very different.

I can't wait for you to join the discussion. I'll be asking for reader tips and thoughts, and I welcome questions. You have the ear of a teacher -- anything you want to ask? Are you a new parent who is seeking the (ahem) "expertise" of someone just emerging from the baby trenches?

Take a look around my blog, and I hope you'll be back again. You're very welcome!