Saturday, November 26

Christmas Spirit Roundup: Decorating, Crafts, Gifts and More

It's pretty fair to say I get into the Christmas spirit why not share all that joy with my dear readers?

Today I offer you the post of Christmas past (see what I did there?) - and whether you're in the mood to decorate, shop, craft with kids or bask in cheesy sentiments, I've got you covered!

Christmas Idea # 1: The Festive Lantern

Christmas Idea # 2: Displaying Christmas Memories

Christmas Idea # 3: The Holiday Book Basket

Christmas Idea # 4: The Throw Pillow

Christmas Idea # 5: Printables

Christmas Idea # 6: DIY Decorative Pots

How things are shaping up this year Chez Winn

Primary Christmas Crafts Morning

My Mom's Christmas Decor: A Photo Tour

My Christmas Decor: A Photo Tour (2014)

Christmas Gifts For Teachers

A Thank You Letter to my Mom at Christmastime

There you have it - a dose of Christmas spirit!

(Note: one month from today it's all over...and my house will be de-Christmased by lunchtime.)