Monday, December 10

Christmas Idea # 6: DIY Decorative Pots

Again inspired by Pinterest, I decided to do some jazzy pots for my walkway this year. The pots are actually leftovers from Spring 2011 when I picked up ready-made arrangements at Costco. Almost still full of dirt, there was a perfect base to start with.

I used dollar store red 'stuff' (what's the real word?), red and green ornaments, and some natural evergreen branches that my parents kindly brought me from their woods. The bows (which are a bit overdone, but it's Christmas!) are also Dollarama steals.

My final result:

The original Pinterest pin:


Mary said...

Looks good Kate!
Where did you get the snow?

Tammy D said...

What a neat idea, simple yet beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing

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