Monday, October 4

What Are Your 5 Words?

If you could eavesdrop on someone talking about you, what adjectives would you hope to hear used? I've seen this asked before as a "what would you want on your tombstone/in your obituary" kind of question, but I'm talking right here, right now, how would you like to be described? How do you deserve to be described?

I've picked five descriptors which have value to me, and which I hope I've earned. As you read mine, try to think about yours!

Smart - I might as well profit from being a nerdy teacher's pet for most of my life! I think I have people pretty well fooled into believing that this adjective suits me, although I may throw a few misspellings into this post just so someone can correct me.

Classy -Most of the time, I try to be classy in the way I dress, speak, and behave. I did swear on the last day of school, and a colleague remarked that he had gone 194 days without ever hearing me curse, so I think that's pretty damn good.

Talented - At what? Doesn't matter, but everyone should be known for being good at something. Teaching, writing, editing, organizing, parenting (?),...I'd like to think I have some specialities. (Notice I'm least confident about the most important one?)

Hard-working - I feel very confident that this one applies, and that others would see it too. I work hard at school, and just as hard at home. I'm rarely lazy, but I'm not a busywork person; I also pride myself on being efficient.

Lovely - I like this one because it could refer to personality as much as appearance, and therefore doesn't necessarily make me seem shallow.  But honestly, I would love to hear from you if you are a woman who does not care about her appearance, because people like you are few and far between. I've never been "hot" or "stunning", and I think I detoured past "gorgeous" somewhere between glasses/acne/braces and fine lines/cellulite. "Pretty" seems too well as a little too young. (However, if my husband knows what's good for him, he would vote for all of the above!) I think I might be able to get away with "lovely".

Now, what didn't make my list?

Funny and/or fun. I have my moments, but these words wouldn't be used frequently to describe me.

Sporty and/or athletic. I'm fit, but athletics, especially competitive sports, are not my area of expertise.

Easy-going. I have actually relaxed a bit over time (new acquaintances may wonder how I could possibly have been any worse before!) but I'm pretty sure that no one on earth has ever said "That Kate Winn! She's such a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of gal!"

Now it's your turn. What are your five words? Or even just one? Do any of my choices have little value for you? Leave a comment and let me know. As for my fellow bloggers, maybe this would make for an interesting topic for you to write about. If you do, leave your link below so we can all check it out!


Tracy said...

You are awesome and these are great words to describe you :O) Me, oh my gosh, I'd be afraid to hear what words some people would use to describe me! My favorite is definitely hard working, that's all I seem to do.
Take care,

Kerry said...

Patient - I think this usually describes me but I certainly have moments where time doesn't go by quickly enough. I am more patient than the person whom I compare myself to the most (my husband). Especially when instead of waiting 10 minutes for a table at a restaurant he would prefer to drive around for half an hour looking for 'no wait time'! hehe.

Sommer J said...


Hehe! I love your list! From your blog, you most certainly seem pretty damn classy haha- love that line.

Jenn D said...

Patient-most of the time
Great exercise for everyone to go through. Makes me think of what I should work on and not worry so much about.

This Mom said...

It's fun to see what other people are saying! I know I definitely would NOT be called patient (I mean, I am patient with my students, but I think I use it all up at work.)

Allison B. said...

I'm afraid that the words I would want and the words people would use might differ slightly! Words I would want:
Fun, Smart, Attractive, Caring and A Good Friend.
But if you ask someone else, Anxious, Immature and Bossy might slip in there as well. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that?? :)

Zeemaid said...

That's a very hard one. I was once described as Sassy (by someone who only knows me through my blog) and I was very surprised.

I'd like to say lovely because you're right it can mean so many things.


Kimberly said...

What a great excercise! I think far too often we don't sit back and think about the positive attributes that we possess.
Can I steal this meme? Seriously...I'll link it up to you ;)

Follow Me, I'm Canadian said...

This is a great idea for a post! Awesome!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

This reminds me of the johari window exercise. A great way to learn what others appreciate about you that you might not be aware of AND what you're aware of but don't let others see. Try it!

Diane said...

A very accurate list! I know for a fact that I have used the word "lovely" to describe you more than once.
Love the blog. All the best!