Wednesday, February 24

Amazing Crafts Site: DTLK-Kids

As a teacher and a parent, I love DLTK-Kids website. It's run by a Canadian mom, and offers more arts and crafts ideas than you could ever possibly use.

You can easily search by month, theme or holiday, and samples of finished products are shown, along with appropriate age levels. My favourite feature would have to be "Search By Material": perfect if you're wondering exactly what you can do with all of those baby food jars piled in the closet, or the collection of egg cartons you found in the art room.

In addition to crafts, you can find printables (math worksheets, bingo cards, writing paper, chore charts, doorknob hangers) and other activities (even ABC/123 stuff for preschoolers).

Though many faiths and cultures are represented on the site, there is a great collection of Bible crafts, printables and ready-made lessons, perfect for religious or Sunday schools.

DLTK also offers terrific birthday party ideas, complete with themes, cakes, banners and games (wouldn't little Dora lovers enjoy playing "Guess What's In Backpack!")

Another "must-bookmark" site to add to your favourites...right after This Mom Loves!


joan said...

we've been using this web page for several years. Often the kids or I will have a craft idea, but I need directions to actually make it happen. This site usually has the steps I couldn't figure out.

Pam Putnins said...

I Love this site too. I use it all the time to find crafts to do with my boys or the beaver group I am a leader of. It is very easy to get around to find what you are looking for.


Kim Hennekam said...

I use this website all the time for my kids and for work. Great ideas!

R.D. said...

This looks like a great site to check out. Thanks for the useful ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the site Kate! I'm a sister-in-law to DLTK and answer mail and work on the Bible section of the site. I'm glad you enjoy the site, we love working on it.

crystalc said...

I love this site. Other good ones include and